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Magical Cat Card Readings

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Cats have a very paradoxical position within history, as they have been both worshipped and persecuted.  Some world religions have believed cats to be sacred creatures.  Cats have heightened sensory abilities such as hearing, vision, and sense of smell.  Some often have even attested to the fact that some cats can sense things that we humans cannot see. In between cats being worshipped and persecuted, we have the domesticated cat that has become our household pet.  The Medieval Cat Cards depicte fifteenth century art of domesticated cats within roles of the Tarot.  The beautiful result is nothing short of magical!  This is why we at Magical Cat World, wanted to share these scenes of illuminated cats with other cat lovers!  We offer personal magical cat card readings that offer insights and guidance into your life along with these artistic expressions of cats to provide you with inspiration!

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