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Cat Scratching Posts

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Сat Scratching Posts on Offer!

Cats are carnivorous animals. They are hunters by their nature. All their behavior and habits are subject to the laws of nature and can be explained by instincts. Among them is scratching. Scratching is a necessary thing for your cat, you shouldn’t think that your pet scratches furniture to take revenge on you for something. It is quite natural behavior. By using their claws, they mark an area with the scent from their paw glands. They also mark visually by leaving shredded material behind as evidence and to display dominance in front of subordinate cats. So, you should be grateful to your cat, you are in its territory and it is responsible for you and has to protect you. However, sometimes cats scratch as a way to stretch and exercise their legs, to remove their old nails or just for sheer pleasure. Anyway, you shouldn’t keep your kitty from scratching or punish it, as these methods are likely to make situation worse and you can break the trust and security that is the basis for your cat's relationship with you. Providing cats, preferably starting when they’re kittens, with stable, sturdy and rough-textured scratching posts and pads, will help them develop healthy scratching habits. Our web store is glad to offer you such scratching posts.

In our catalogue you will find various models: stable vertical, horizontal, triangular, corner, protective posts. Corner scratching posts will perfectly prevent your furniture from damages. You can cover with it kitty’s favorite place and your furniture is safe while cat is happy. Posts decorated with various balls, mice and toys will generate your cat’s interest and distract its attention from furniture. A triangular scratching post is a great option to cover a sofa or an armchair.

Visit our web store and find the optimal scratching post for your cat and enjoy its active playing!

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